Terms and Conditions

1. Platform

1.1 The website https://boomraid.com and all the sites in its subdomains, (The Website), are intellectual property of BoomRaid (The Provider) and are managed by it.

1.2 The Provider is the creator of the game „BoomRaid” (The Game). BoomRaid is a city adventure game (City Quest) in which participants are solving a series of riddles and move in a city environment.

1.3 Each person (The User) accessing the Website, as well as each person (The Participant) playing the Games offered by the organizer, agrees to these Terms and Conditions (T&C) on the count of art. 2.1 cited here.

1.4 When reading the following Terms and Conditions, the words with capitalized initial letter will have the meaning as defined in the articles above.

1.5 The aim of this website is to inform the Users and the Participants regarding the services offered by the Provider and to make it easy to find answers to common questions.

2. Website Usage

2.1 With each usage of the Website or interaction with the Game, including links from any of the pages in the Website, the Users and the Participants are declaring that they are are aware, have read and have agreed to these T&C.

2.2 The Users and Participants can check on their own for changes in the current T&C here https://boomraid.com/terms.html. If the T&C change after a user has purchased a Game, the valid T&C are those at the moment of the purchase (i.e. the version before the changes)

2.3 The purpose of The Website of the Provider is to show accurate information about the offered service. Its usage by the Users and Participants can be only for information purposes. Any usage, reproduction, changes, transmission (by electronic or other means) public sharing, extraction, secondary usage of the whole or parts of the content or the "BoomRaid" brand, without the explicit concent of the Organizer is strictly forbidden and will be sanctioned by the copyright laws.

2.4 The Participants agree that the Organizer is not liable for any consequences, including potential damages due to, or related in any way to the access, usage, or inability to do so, of the Website.

2.5 The Website can include links (hyperlinks) to other web sites. The Users accept that the Organizer is not responsible for the content of those web sites.

3. Payment

3.1 The prices of the Games offered by the Organizer are public and can be found on the Website https://boomraid.com.

3.2 The price of a game does not depent on the number of Participants. The number of Participants per Game can be unlimited. For maximum enjoyment the Organizer does not recommend more than five Participants in a Game

3.3 The Game payments are done only through the Website with any debit or credit card.

3.4 After successful purchase, The Participant will be given an option to start the game immediately. A link to start the Game and payment receipt will also be sent to her email.

3.5 The participant can start the game immediately or anytime. The link has no expiration date.

4. Returns

4.1 The Participant can request a full refund up to 15 days after the date of the purchase, providing that the Game has not been started. In this case the unique ID related to the will be removed from our system and this Game will not be able to be started in the future.

4.2 In the case of Participant not being able to solve more than 2 riddles during the Game duration she can request a full refund, only in the case where the game has been purchased directly from this Website (https://boomraid.com) or it's subdomains and not from any third party providers

5. Safety

5.1 The Participant are able and participate in the Game on their own will. The Participants start the game whenever they choose.

5.2 The Participants understand that the Game is conducted in a city environment with normal vehicle street traffic.

5.3 The participants understand the risks and the dangers of the city environment which can cause personal injuries, death, damage or loss of own property or equipment due to carelessness, misjudgment or ease from the Participants.

5.4 The Provider and its partners are not responsible for damages and harm of the Participants due to their participation in the Game. The Participants are solely responsible for their actions or inactions.

5.5 The Provider is not responsible for any damages or harm inflicted by the Participants on other people, building, objects, public property, monuments, art installations, plaques and any other objects and subjects during the duration of the Game.

5.6 The Participants must be over 18 years old.

5.7 The Game is conducted in a city environment under conditions that are outside of the Provider's control. Weather conditions and city environment can change at any time.

5.8 The Participants are free to stop the Game at any moment and this is a subject of their judgement.

5.9 The Game requires good general health and physical abilities.

5.10 The Participants are aware and can determine their physical limitations and are able to make a judgement when they should stop any physical activity before any undesired consequences can become a fact.


5.11 The Game does not contain risky or extreme elements. The same general rules must be obeyed and judgement applied as when walking in a city.

5.12 All the locations that will be visited during the Game by the Participants are open to the general public, with 24/7 free (unpaid) access. It is not required and it's strictly forbidden that Participants trespass on a private property.

6. Confidentiality

6.1 All the riddles, puzzles, methods, mechanics, images, audio and video files as well as any other content and artifacts that will be found and/or experienced during the Game are crated by and are intellectual property of the Provider.

6.2 The Participants should not reveal or share any parts of the game described in art. 6.1 directly or indirectly, through internet, social networks or any other way. Any information about the Game is a confidential and is a trade secret.

6.3 The Participants are forbidden from reproducing the riddles of the Game verbatim, or do any kind of alteration way.

6.4 The Provider is the owner of the "BoomRaid" trademark. The usage of this trademark is possible only by permission from the Provider.

6.5 The Provider will press legal charges against any person or organization which the Provider believes is in a violation of the intellectual property created and owned by the Provider.