About us

Our mission is to show the hidden city treasures, so that you can feel like an explorer looking at the city through a different set of eyes. We want to show that internet doesn't know all the answers. Maybe we are longing for the time when we had to actually put some effort in finding an answer. And and the end what really mattered was not the answer itself but the path that leads you to it.

We're specialists in the city adventure games with more than 15 years of experience.

It all began in 2004 in a Treasure Hunt game in San Francisco.

We loved it so much that we started offering the same experience across Europe first for companies and organizations. We helped over 400 companies with over 700 events.

It's time for the next step - to make the exciting city adventure games available to everyone.

Our riddles are custom made for a specific part of a city. They can't be solved over the internet. The only way to success is be physically present at the exact location.