An unknown villain hid a eight of explosive devises in the city. The only way to disarm them is to solve a riddle related to every one.

In order to increase your chances of success, follow these advices:

1. Each riddle consists of two parts. The first part guides you to there you need to go in the city. The second part tells you what to look for at that location. The second part starts to make sense once you're at the right place.

2. Type your answer in the text box below the riddle. You can try unlimited number of times. Write exactly what you see in the real world.

3. In order to solve any riddle you need to be at a specific place in the city. You can't solve the riddles using the internet, though you can try. Each riddle in this city quest will bring you to a different location that you need to walk to.

4. All the locations are within the highlighted area on the map. All of the locations are open 24/7 and with free public access. No need to enter private property at any point of this outdoor escape game.

5. From the time you press the START button, you'll have three hours to solve all the riddles. Once started the game can not be stopped. Try to solve as many riddles as possible with the least amount of hints.

6. You can use hints if a riddle is too difficult. When using a hint, also take a look at the map, as the app will show you the approximate location you need to go to. You can also only one riddle if it's impossible to solve (but not the last one).

7. Use the map. It shows the game area and your location. The search results are limited to the game area so you can quickly fund your way.

8. You're playing in a city, so be extra careful around vehicles.

Try a sample riddle