Team Building Events That People Actually Love

You know how most team building events are unremarkable. Honestly, activities are mediocre at best. Participants cringing and wishing they could fast forward to the drinks and food part of this day.

We help you avoid going blindly through the motions for this year's special event. We are offering you an amazing treasure hunt that everyone will talk about. Together we will design a great experience for locals and visitors alike. This is the best way to show off your remarkable city.

The best way to describe BoomRaid™ is an "escape room" in the open with unlimited number of participants.

We've been on the receiving end of team building events for more than 30 years combined and seen it all. Frustrated with the activities, we decided to walk the walk and craft a remarkable experience. We refined it over the past 15 years and helped over 400 companies create more than 700 unforgettable events in Europe.

Team Building Event on a roof terrace

Simple Three Step Process

  1. Send us information about your group size, event date, desired city along with any customization needs.
  2. We will clarify the details with you and send you a personalized quote and a free demo with 3 riddles in 24 hours.
  3. If you like our offer, we'll prepare and send all needed materials within 3 days. You can start the activity immediately.

Choose Your City

Team Building Vienna

Why Us?

The average tenure in companies is getting shorter and shorter. With one team gathering per year you don't get many changes to shine through as a brilliant event planner.

Organizing a great team building event is tough. We feel you. We will take care of the activity part so that you can focus on the rest. In this process you'll be the star that everyone applauds at the end.

Team Building Activity

The Next Step

Send us a mail and let's start crafting together your best event yet.

Besides the activity itself, we'll help you plan the whole day with tips and tricks we've picked over the years - at no additional charge.

Check out our brochure for additional details of offering.

Our Clients

Company logos of teams that we worked with to create event

Our Guarantees

  • We require no advance payment. Pay 100% after the event (bank transfer or credit card). It's simple: if you don't like the game, then don't pay.
  • A great way for your visitors to discover the best parts of the city on their own.
  • We will move your body and develop your mind.
  • The locals will learn to slow down and appreciate the small city details.
  • Every participant is truly involved until the very end, because of our unique game mechanics.