Quarterly Riddles

Each quarter, we're publishing a specially crafted riddle related to one of the cities we're offering games in. The quarterly riddles are in the spirit of the riddles you'll encounter when playing BoomRaid™ in a city. The difference is that you can solve the quarterly riddles without leaving your home and using only internet. No need to physically go out - the way you have to to solve the BoomRaid™ game. There is no reward or due date for solving the quarterly riddles - they are purely for your pleasure. If you to know that your answer is correct, send us a message through the contact form on this site or write us on Facebook.

The riddles are a bit more complex that the one you'll encounter during BoomRaid™ city game because you have unlimited amount of time to solve them.

Leave your mail below if you want the quarterly riddle delivered to your inbox. We're also publishing the riddle on our Facebook page.